Local and seasonal produce, sustainable fish and grass-fed meats: these are the foods that make up the core of Guerrilla Nutrition. We take great care to source the highest quality ingredients and plan nutritious and tasty Paleo meals for our customers.




After commanding the kitchen in some of New York and Philly's top restaurants, our OG (Original Guerrilla) started to feel the effects of a life of excess - food, booze, drugs. After topping the scales at a hefty 260, Trevor turned to a daily veggie juice to recover from the previous nights sins. It was then that he began to see that food had a value far deeper than just being delicious. After experimenting with different types of diets, he knew none of them quite addressed what he intuited from the beginning: that the best nutrition comes from the most natural ingredients. This basic principle also applied to flavor. He knew that by paying close attention to seasonality and freshness, you'll find the best flavor.


We're all about working together to create healthy, positive changes in our bodies, our lives and our world. We believe a community-based approach to wellness is the best way to motivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beyond delivering delicious and nutritious Paleo meals to your doorstep, Guerrilla Nutrition provides ongoing tips and insight into the fitness and wellness community through our blog posts and social channels. We practice what we preach, and want to empower our community with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy and conscientious life.