Guerrilla Nutrition is a specialty Paleo meal delivery service, based on seasonal, fresh, locally sourced, chef-created menus. The Paleo diet is more than just a trend it's an enduring way of viewing food as the fuel that powers an active and dynamic lifestyle. Guerrilla Nutrition empowers you to change your habits and revitalize your health by getting back to basics through our tasty and convenient system. At Guerrilla Nutrition, we provide Fuel for the Urban Warrior!


Our menu changes weekly based upon what’s fresh and in season. We take the time to source the best ingredients first and plan our Paleo meal plans around what’s at peak freshness. By subscribing to our weekly newsletter, you’ll get first access to new menus every week.


Guerrilla Nutrition creates weekly meal plans that are based on both convenient and delicious Paleo diet basics. Ingredients are local and sustainable, including grass-fed meats, and seasonal produce, while avoiding processed foods, grains and legumes. Guerrilla Chefs plan, cook, package, and deliver nutrient-rich and balanced meals so all you have to do is ENJOY. Meals are pre-portioned and delivered to your home or office - no planning, cooking, or cleaning required.

Social Lifestyle


We're all about working together to create healthy, positive changes in our bodies, our lives and our world. We believe a community-based approach to wellness is the best way to motivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beyond delivering delicious and nutritious Paleo meals to your doorstep, Guerrilla Nutrition provides ongoing tips and insight into the fitness and wellness community through our blog posts and social channels. We practice what we preach.